Andrew Wiles devoted much of his time in to proving the Fermat's Last Theorem. It was a challenge that even the best minds in mathematics for 300 years. In 1993, he made front page when he announced he had  proof of the problem. Some People think he messed up on his work. Do some reaserch and you tell me what you think. : )

Andrew is some where around 60 years old and has a wife named Nada. Andrew Wiles is from England. He out smarted some of the greatest mathmatition and believed that he could solve an unbeatable math question.Andrew Wiles was a profecer at many different colleges. he is one of the smartest people in the world.

Andrew Wiles solved the Last Theorem!!! He solved it one morning in May. He said that he was in his office trying to prove it when it occered to him that it mentioned a 19th-Century construction. He worked so hard all day that he even forgot to eat lunch. Finally he had figured it out he was so happy he ran upstairs and told his wife Nada.




How many Awards did Andrew get?
When he proved the Fermat’s Last Theorem, Andrew
Wiles was given the Kings Faisal International Prize for Science.
He received prize for being a professor at Princeton University, it was the special ceremony in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,in 1998. The prize was $200,000 and a gold metal. Andrew Wiles also received many other prizes. What were some of the other awards Andrew won???

Andrew Wiles went to 5 different colleges. He went to  University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Clare College, Cambridge,  Merton College, Oxford, and king's College School, Cambridge. when he was at Merton College, Oxford he earned his bachelor's degree in mathematics in 1974. Then he went to Clare College, Cambridge and got a Ph.D. In 1980 Andrew Wiles became a Professor at Princeton University. in 1988 to 1990 he became a Research Professor at Oxford University. 
  1. True or False Andrew Wiles out smarted some of the greatest mathmatitions ?
  2. True or False Andrew Wiles was 10 when he decided to figure out the Fermat's Last Theorem?
  3. True or False Andrew Wiles is still alive?
  4. True or False he went to 5 different colleges?
  5. True or False Andrew Wiles had 3 kids?
  6. True or False Andrew wiles is 60 years old?
This is the Wiles family crest. The name Wiles is English, it is means a trapper or hunter, that usually catch fish especially eels. they catch the eels by setting up wicker traps in rivers. So I guess the wiles family used to be the fishers and the hunters of the village eventually worked their way up and now Andrew Wiles is a British mathematician. That is pretty cool! What does your last name mean and what is your family crest?  I think Family Crests are cool, Do you?

Andrew Wiles lived in Cambridge Eng. he was born on April 11, 1953.He would be about 60 years old. He solved a math equation that even the greatest mathematicians could not solve, and he decided solved it when he was 10. That proves that he is a great mathematician. He went to many colleges and graduated many he has a very high IQ and is very smart in math. He is a very smart British mathematician.
The Fermat's last theorem stumped even the greatest  mathematicians. It took 400 years to be solved. The funny thing is that it was going to be solved by a ten year old boy named Andrew Wiles. He was determined to solve the problem that even the best mathematicians couldn't solve.

Andrew said that when he was ten he was looking in his public library and he found a book on math and he read it. After he was done reading it he said he understood it. He tried to solve it and he said it was a challenge and it was very hard. But he liked it and he thought that it was so cool. So he said he started working on it when he was 10. Do you believe that he understood it when he was 10? Why or why not. explain......